Saturday, 19 June 2010

365 days

This rusty old horse shoe has been hanging on the gate post next to my drive for more years than I have known. Through every season, and whatever the day brings, it is there for 365 days of the year, hopefully bringing a little bit of luck to someone.

Last night's football game must have been devastating to the England team. They only have the chance every four years to try and win the World Cup.

I tried to imagine how awful it would feel, if I could only send my novel off every four years if I got a rejection! It certainly made me sympathise with our lads out there in South Africa. And this is true for so many other massive competitions or events that some people have to endure if they want to compete and win. If they fail they have to wait a long time before trying again.

As writers, I think we are the luckiest people of all. You may not think that when you get that horrible envelope back in the post rejecting your work. It may be something you have been working on for years, work that you and others thought may get off the slush pile and get published, but some reason it just didn't happen.

But we have 365 days of the year to try again, send something off and even if we get a knock back, we can try again instantly.

Hope my old horse shoe brings a bit of luck to some of you!