Sunday, 4 August 2013

Be Aware

I always think it's amazing when a single event can lead to a complete change of path or the way you think.

This has definitely happened for me over the last few months when I started my one year Bardic course with the British Druid Order.  You can read more about my journey if you wish on my other blog The Pagan Apprentice but this post is about how it has opened up so many opportunities that have turned into writing successes.

I mentioned the World Drum in my previous post and now my article has been published in Kindred Spirit magazine too. This article came about because of my involvement with the British Druid order who invited me to an event then allowed me to interview their founder and chief ,Greywolf on how he felt about the World drum coming to Great Britain.  It was a wonderful experience to interview and talk to someone and I gained so much inspiration from our chat.

Since I have started the course I have learnt and been encouraged to be aware of everything around me at all times.  This is so important with writing of any kind and it has helped me find inspiration every single day just because I am aware of what is around me, particular in nature and the earth. 

When I wake up I am aware of what sounds I can hear and on my drive to work I see all sorts of things that sometimes I may have let go and forgotten about.  During my day at work I listen, I see, I smell, I feel and I take it all in then scribble it down in my trusty notebook ready for a time I may need to use it.

Life is busy and it is hard to be like this all the time but I am trying to make it part of my daily routine so that when I want to write about a wind swept hill or a a forest dappled with sunshine, I can, even though I may not be near one at the time.  It is about ceasing every opportunity you are in and being aware of everything going on in it so that you can put that into your writing.

The picture in this post was taken by Elaine Gregory when we were up on the top of the snow covered Titterstone Clee hill in April.  I met the world drum and some wonderful people and I do believe that every moment I was there, I have kept in my memory as I was so inspired by it all.  This was one of my life events that has motivated me into a different path and trying out all sorts of writing outside of my comfort zone.

So, be aware. Aware of everything you do and see, try something different, a new hobby or perhaps visit a place you have never been to, you never know where it may lead.