Monday, 13 August 2012

I'm seeing red

I have been totally engrossed with the Olympics over the last two weeks and still have the excitement of the Paralympics to come. I have loved every single moment of it from the opening ceremony to the grand finale where our wonderful Olympians from all over the world had their moment. Although I have neglected my writing quite a lot due to being glued to the television to watch every event  I could.

There have been so many successes but I did feel that the media have been a little obsessed with gaining gold medals, sometimes overlooking our wonderful people still winning silver and bronze. I think that even those who did not win anything still deserve some recognition. The fact that they had made it to the Olympics is an amazing achievement.

It really struck me though that these talented people only have one chance every four years to win an Olympic medal. They have other competitions in the meantime of course but it must be such a  mental struggle for them to think that the next time they can try for that treasured Gold will not be for another four years!

A Writer has much more luck on their side. Every day for 365 days of the year, we have the chance to achieve our writing dreams. Every day we can write and we can send work off in the hope that we get something published. I feel very lucky that I have never had to wait four years before I get a publication or to try again if I am rejected. Although I do have an article that is pending a definite publication from over a year ago!

I loved the closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympics and thought last night that I may feel a little deflated now it's over.  I joined in the party with the whole country, probably had too much wine and thought I would feel terrible but instead I woke and felt so inspired with the fact that I have so many chances to get my dreams and goals underway every day of the year.

I have been working on my novel Red Kite and thanks to Suki White - Artist who painted the beautiful cover for my book and Richard Varley - Graphic Artist who designed the wording, I nearly have my dream. It is a little more simple and not so grand as an Olympic medal and it's not gold - it's Red.