Monday, 11 June 2012

Keep it flowing

The spring in our village flows constantly every hour of every day.  Throughout the whole year it gushes out of the earth and provides us with fresh water. It amazes me sometimes in the winter when everything else is frozen solid the spring still continues to flow.

I have really tried to do that with my writing over the last few months and it certainly seems to be working. I have found in the past if I don't do any writing for a period of time, it's so much harder to get back into it again so just recently I have kept up the flow by writing something on a regular basis.

Editing my novel has taken up a lot of time but in between that, I have been pitching articles and sending letters and fillers to magazines. With all this constant flow of output I have started to get some results too. So far I have had a letter and a tip published which I will actually be paid for!

The photo below was published in Take a Break magazine. I was thrilled to get the top tip for my suggestion which only took me 30 minutes to write and then email it to the magazine.

It doesn't matter how long you spend writing or how much you write. You may only have time to scribble a few words down in a lunch break, perhaps while on a train journey or even waiting for a bus. If you have more time set a regular slot every week when you can sit down and write. The important thing is to try and do something on a regular basis and not stop for too long.  Even though it can't always be possible, try to  keep a steady flow and that way the results will come flowing in too.