Sunday, 20 November 2011

Red Kite - back cover blurb

Since deciding to release my novel 'Red Kite' onto kindle next year, I have re-gained my inspiration and learned so much in just a short space of time.

I visited the red kite feeding centre the other day and managed to capture these stunning birds on camera. The wonderful thing was that it gave me some fresh ideas to add to my story and breathe new life into it. I felt like I was watching them at times through the eyes of my central character so now hope that I can add some reality to a couple of the scenes that were written several years ago.

I am working on the back page blurb at the moment. This is something that I have found quite difficult, just like the synopsis, it's hard to sum up a story in a few words and I have already made a dozen attempts without a decent result so far. However, I will continue to work on it until I am satisfied and then hope to post it on this blog for comments (when I feel brave enough!)

I realise that I have a long way to go and so much more to learn. It has to be just right before I make the final decision to release it but that will hopefully come with the editing process. It may take some time but I hope eventually, I will get there.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Glowing with inspiration

I have just spent the most wonderful weekend at our Wrekin Writers annual retreat. This year it was in the most magical setting near the sea at a beautiful cove called Cwmtydu. The house pictured below was incredible and I had to be firm with myself to get some writing done in between walks to the beach and enjoying the splendid grounds. The company was excellent too and I have to thank my fellow retreaters who have helped and advised me over the last few days. I always learn so much from them just through conversations while working or over the dinner table in the evening.

It was such an inspiring time, even the journey there made me change my plans as to what I wanted to do with my time. I was going to write some short stories but as as we were travelling close to Aberystwyth we saw a Red Kite. It immediately felt like it was sign for me to do something with my novel 'Red Kite' which I had left for months after receiving yet another rejection from a publisher. I realise now that this was not the best thing to do and I am determined to keep on this time, however many hurdles I have to encounter. The good thing about leaving it for a while was having a fresh approach so at least this was a positive side to my self-imposed defeatist attitude.

It was so great to read it with fresh eyes and start working on it again. I managed to go through the whole manuscript and make some important changes to hopefully improve its prospects in the future.

My big plan is to release it on Kindle in 2012 just to give it a chance and feel like I am doing something positive with it. I think by doing so I can move on, perhaps even start writing a sequel.

Who knows where it will take me but I am going to give it a go.