Thursday, 3 March 2011

My life in books

I have really been enjoying 'My Life In Books' with Ann Robinson which has been shown over the last couple of weeks. She has interviewed many famous guests talking about which five particular books have made an impact on their lives. It's so interesting to see what other people love about their favourite books.
With the great difficulty at picking only five, I came up with my own list which is in no particular order as I have read them from childhood to present - all of them giving me back something very special.
1) Charlotte's Web - E B White - It taught me that we can find friends in the most unusual places and under so many different circumstances.
2) Nordy Bank - Sheena Porter - My love of history and the fact that this book was set around the beautiful Brown Clee hill which is on my door step fascinates me. I love walking up there and feeling the characters come to life.
3)The Lyonesse Stone - Craig Weatherhill - I love Cornwall and visited some of the sites where he had set this magical book. Again the ancient history of such a magical place captivated me.
4) Skellig - David Almond - I find it hard to choose just one as I love all his books, but to find a scruffy angel with broken wings at the back of your garage is pretty moving, so it go my thumbs up.
5) The Alchemist - Paulo Coehelo - Amazing book, it taught me to follow my dreams and realise that sometimes you do not have to look that far to make them happen.
Happy World Book Day!