Monday, 20 December 2010

Moving on up!

I usually have a good spring clean every new year when I plan all my writing activity but the recent weather conditions, including today has meant that I couldn't get to work for the third time this month.

I wanted to use the time in a positive way so took the drastic action of clearing out the attic to make a new writing den. I previously used a cramped corner of my bedroom and over time I have stuffed writing tasks into places and forgotten them, only to find them months later resulting in missing deadlines for article submissions or competitions.

The attic was converted some time ago, it's a lovely space but over the years like most people, I have used it to store rubbish, spare clothes and Christmas decorations. It felt great to clear out so much stuff and move the things I use all the time in. All my writing help books are now close to me instead of being hidden in various parts of the house. I had forgotten how many useful reference books I had collected over the years and now I have them at arms reach, I can re-visit all the helpful advice immediately.

With a clear tidy desk, organised shelves and printer ready to fire up, I feel that my 'New Year' positive attitude has come early - a bit like an early Christmas present that I found while rummaging around in my attic!

There is something quite magical about climbing the staircase into my new writing den and I am determined to keep all the positive writing vibes stored up there along with all my books!

I am looking forward to 2011 but I am still going to make the last few days of 2010 count!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Write Christmas!

The above two pictures may look like the typical antics of any Christmas party but this was NOT any party - it was the Wrekin Writers Christmas party!

Angeline and Sue are certainly getting into the mood while they attempt their gurning impression!

I had great pleasure in attending The Buckatree Hall hotel last weekend for our Writers Christmas dinner.

As well as the lovely company, it's a wonderful time to reflect over dinner what we have achieved and what we want to do next year. I felt so positive by talking with everyone about what our writing goals were for 2011

In the photo above (I'm the one with the antlers) I am with Julie Phillips who is a very talented writer and will be our new vice chair next year.

Below is Sue Horder-Mason - Chairperson giving an end of year speech. Sue has decided to step down next year and we all want to thank her for her wonderful contribution as Chairperson, she has done a brilliant job in her role. She has motivated us, inspired us, made us laugh and kept us all in order during our monthly meetings which can get a bit chaotic at times.

The group - after we had scoffed a three course lunch.

Simon Whaley was discussing the length of his novel here with Mike White - Well I guess that was what they were talking about!

I left feeling so happy after spending time with like-minded people. I love being part of this group and feel positive and determined to keep on writing through 2011.