Monday, 11 February 2013

It's not always about the money

I've had a really good start to my writing year with quite a few letters published in various magazines.  My most recent is Spirit and Destiny magazine which I will receive £25 for my trouble.  It took me fifteen minutes to write and email and so was thrilled to see it published in the lastest edition.

It's not always about the money though.  Of course it's nice to get cash but it's exciting and interesting to receive gifts for publication too.  I had a letter published in Horse magazine recently and was thrilled to receive a voucher for horse feed which will come in very handy for my two ponies!

I'ts good to widen your options and write for as many magazines but if they give prizes instead of cash, the gift you receive may not always be relevant and although you can give it away, it's great to get some sort of payment that is relevent as this one was with me. 

I also had a letter or mini-story published in TAB Fate and  Fortune magazine and received some fun decision dice as a prize for that which again is something I am interested in.  

I would highly reccomend sending letters in to magazines, especially if it's something you are interested in.

Have a go, you never know what you may receive.