Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Crogen Coach House Writing Project (aka Wrekin Writers Retreat)

Our yearly Wrekin Writers retreat was at the Crogen estate near Llangollen this year.

I was the last to arrive and have to apologise for surging into the house like the mad river Dee above, but I was so excited, I could hardly control myself.

I found other members of the group writing amongst the most wonderful surroundings of this lovely house.

Above Beverley Cherry

Above Julie Phillips

Above Crogen Coach House - our weekend retreat

I had to try and calm down and leave everyone in peace, so left the house for a walk. I was amazed at the beautiful surroundings that would inspire any writer.

It was a magical time, we had so much fun and got so much out of the house which had a grand piano and games room.

Simon Whaley doing a bit of Jazz!

Play it again Bryan, Sue begged him!

Me in my favourite spot!

I discovered this cottage in the daytime, but got some willing members of the group to go and visit at night for our own little 'Blair Witch Project' I found it quite scary to start with as I entered the derelict building and climbed the old ladder in darkeness.

Our gathering - a beautiful lasagna cooked by Darren

The final thing most people want to do is leave a note in the visitors book. After our terrifying walk to the haunted cottage - Bryan came up with this message

Twelve were expected (one member had to drop out at the last moment)

Eleven arrived

None of us would leave.

Although we were trying to be spooky, this little message meant so much more than a creepy scribbling!

We all got so much done on our writing projects that weekend. I arrived with a few notes written by hand and now have the main base for my next non-fiction book.

The whole house was crammed full of creative minds and inspiration for an entire weekend. I think our positive and creative spirits will stay in that house for ever.


  1. Gosh look at all that writing being done in those photos!

  2. Hi Diane,
    What a beautiful location to have a writer's retreat.
    I've no doubt that this was a magical, inspiring, and yes, a little bit creepy, time:-)
    Take care and continued happy writing.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  3. HI Diane
    thanks for sharing a great experience

  4. Good photographs, and well done with the writing.

    Mike xx

  5. Didn't that piano make my bum look big?

  6. And Di, you should never apologise for surging in. You are such an enthusiastic person that if you didn't surge we would all be terribly disappointed.
    In any case, I think you bounded in, rather like a boisterous puppy that races round, sniffing and scratching in corners.
    I just hope you didn't mark out your territory.

  7. Hi Simon - I know, we DID get a bit of writing done didn't we?

    Hi Gary, I think this was one of the most inspiring retreats I have been on, haven't come down from it yet.

    Thanks Kerrie - I think it's nice to see what goes on at these retreats - it was a wonderful experience for me.

    I have to thank you Mike for arranging it in the first place - a wonderful choice - thank you!

    Oh Sue - that night was so much fun -haunted cottages and you on that piano. I loved every moment, and thanks for being so nice about my bounding in - perhaps next year I will do the Andrex Puppy and take every body's toilet roll around the house! Lol what fun!!