Friday, 25 February 2011

What next?

I have a enjoyed a blissful two months of working part time on a temporary basis, getting home early and writing nearly every night. As a result of this I have finished all the projects that I had been working on for some time.

I enjoy switching from one thing to another, it's refreshing in a way as it keeps my mind active and hopefully more creative as I think we use different parts of our brain depending on what we are thinking and writing about so it's a great mental exercise.

Since working part time I have completed and submitted a non-fiction children's book, submitted a young readers story book and re-worked my novel which has now gone to an agent and another publisher. Although I may be sending all of these out again in the future if they get rejected, I may only need to tweak them and so now I can move onto something new.

It's fantastic to think I have a blank canvass to start thinking about ideas, some of which have just been scribbled down in a tatty notebook and put on hold for months.

I am back to my normal full time hours next week but am determined to keep up with some sort of routine with my writing habbits, even though I may not have as much time in the week , I can shift my writing time to the weekends again. I have so many new ideas that I want to try out and start working on.

All I have to decide is what next?


  1. At least now you have the choice, great news! Hugs...

  2. Well done for giving the reduced hours a go and who knows? The postman may bring you news that it was a good decision to make!

  3. Well done! How exciting to start something new, I wonder where it will take you...! x