Sunday, 10 April 2011

Never work with Children, Animals or Neighbours!

There is a saying that you should never work with children or animals and that has certainly come true for me over the last week. Brodie my pony pictured above is well and truly on the naughty step after his recent behaviour. He has almost certainly spoiled my chances of getting an interview for an article I wanted to write.

After attending Julie Phillip's great workshop the other week at our Wrekin Writers meeting, I felt really motivated to go and try some new ideas with my writing. I wanted to branch out into other projects.

I thought I had my perfect chance when I discovered a lady in the village has a very unusual hobby. Armed with note book I tracked her down feeling very exited with the material I may be able to get. Instead of an interview I got a severe telling off! She informed me that Brodie was escaping out of his field and into hers. I guess he thought the grass was greener. I was upset as she was clearly not happy which I do understand but every option I gave was not enough and we parted on very unfriendly terms.

For a while I pondered on the situation and thought I will never bother again. I thought it would be so easy with someone I know but my confidence dropped after such a horrible experience.

However a few days on I reckon nothing could be that bad even with a total stranger so my notebook is at the ready for my next willing interviewee!


  1. My reaction was to think, 'what a wonderful subject for a story in a magazine!' :0)

  2. And how long is Brodie on the naughty step for then?

    That's it Di. Grab your notebook and go interview someone who appreciates being the centre of attention!

  3. Hi Carole, yes I suppose looking back it was quite an experience, may be I should try turning it into something positive. xx

    Hi Simon, I have taken him off the naughty step now as he seems to have got bored with his right to roam! I am definately going out there now with a positve attitude. Cheers!