Sunday, 15 May 2011

Things to do

I really managed to clear my Things to do list last week. It's a great feeling to tick off all my bits and bobs of and start a new one.

I started my Freelance Journalism course and managed to submit my first assignment which feels great. I really feel it will help me develop as a more versatile writer and able to tackle other subjects. My mind was a whirl on Monday morning when I received the first tutorial. I wanted to get cracking straight away but had to go to work. An unexpected half day and early finish on Friday was a huge help though and I was able to spend several hours on it, as well as coming up with future ideas.

I also did quite a lot of poultry related writing which has paid off too. My hens are going to appear in 'Your Chickens' magazine in the next few months after I sent a small pitch to the editor who wanted to know more and asked for extra photos too.

I carried out my first Internet interview with a complete stranger, again this is for a Poultry magazine but I felt I may as well tap into my interests despite trying to branch out into writing about other topics. Nothing wrong with writing about what I do know (well, at least until I know something else!)

I was very pleased with how it went as I was dreading asking the wrong type of questions which would show my in-experience but it went very well and I got some wonderful material which I have already pitched as an idea to yet another magazine.

I am still waiting to hear from my three main projects and the submissions I sent early this year. I have my novel, a non-fiction book and a children's story out at the moment. It's awful waiting but at least I am using the time generating even more stuff to send out.

So the beginning of a new week and a fresh Things to do list. Just hope I can tick a few more off this week.


  1. I've just awarded you the versatile blog award. If you're happy to accept just blog 7 facts about yourself and then pass it on to 7 other blogs. No worries if you'd rather not.

    Julie xx

  2. That's wonderful news Julie. I do indeed accept the award. Many thanks!

  3. Hi Diane,
    I too love that satisfying feeling of crossing something off my 'To Do List'.
    Good Luck with all your submissions - I hope they come to fruition.