Sunday, 21 August 2011

Inspired by others

A few months back I volunteered to be one of the judges for the Doris Gooderson short story competition which is held every year by my writing group Wrekin Writers.

At first I felt a bit daunted, especially when yesterday I was handed even more stories to read, yet I am really enjoying the experience and I am determined to delve into the next pile with equal enthusiasm.

I have been so inspired by reading other people's work and really wanted to give everyone an equal chance. Seeing so much of other writers work made me realise just how much effort they had put into it. It also made me think that every time we send something off there is still that element of luck. It can depend on the mood of the editor and what sort of day they are having, afterall they are human. They may be moved by a story, it may be too personal to them or it may just not be right for them, the time or the publication.

It's a great experience to read these stories and although I am not a famous publisher, I can appreciate a good story and admire how a writer can create a short story and bring it to life on paper when a total stranger reads it.

I have spent a lot of time recently writing non-fiction so this has given me a real boost to start on fiction again. I do realise that the short story publishing market is difficult at the moment but so many writers are out there showing that there is still a market!

It's so wonderful how infectious writing can be. Inspiration can come from so many directions. At the moment for me, it's from all the wonderful writers out there having a go!

I intend to be one of them!


  1. Hi Diane,
    That's the spirit! And, for sure, there is so much inspiration out there. Inspire, support and encourage each other. May your dream become a wonderful reality.
    In kindness, Gary x

  2. Bless you Gary, I will give it a go. You inspire me every time you blog!
    Thanks for your encouraging comments.
    Di x