Sunday, 9 October 2011

Writing for Parish Magazines

I am so thrilled to report that I have just had a little article accepted for 'West of the Clee' This is the parish magazine for Bitterley and surrounding areas and I feel very proud to think that the editor is willing to use my work.

I think small publications like this are so important. I love receiving it every month just to catch up on what is going on locally and now I feel really happy that I will be making a contribution to this wonderful little magazine, especially when the subject matter is very close to home. ( My next door neighbour who does wonderful things with his vintage tractor!) I shall report more on that next month, as I am hoping for it to be published in the November issue.

It was such a boost to my confidence to send something off one day and get a definite 'YES' on the very the next day. Infact, it was such a quick turn around, as I interviewed my neighbour on the Sunday, wrote the article on the Wednesday, sent it off on the Thursday and got a reply by the Friday! I really liked making myself work to a deadline as they needed contributions within a few weeks and that gave me great experience that may come in useful in the future, just to prove that I can do it.

To me, on this occasion, it's not about being paid lots of money (though that is nice!) I am just happy to be included in a lovely little publication that needs local contributers to give it life.

There must be hundreds of Parish Magazines out there that need contributions from local people. It's a great way of getting your writing out there and keeping the magazines going.

So, if you have a local magazine in your own area, why not give it a go?


  1. Great News Di!
    Congratulations. It is people like you who keep these small publications alive, so keep at it. You might get a regular spot!

  2. Congratulations, I too love reading the local news through Parish magazines.

  3. Hi Bryan, I would love to have a regular spot and report on local events. Will have to get around and start talking to folk.

    Hi Ruth, Yes, it is a lovely way of hearing about local things going on and it's upto the local folk to put things in it!

  4. Hey Diane,
    That's wonderful you had your article accepted. I'm pleased and delighted for you. And what a great idea. Contacting a local magazine or newspaper to see if they might want to publish something one has written :)
    Take good care and happy writing.
    Gary x

  5. Thanks Gary, I am really looking foward to seeing it in print. I hope to do some more in the future too as there is always so much going on in the local community.

    Di x