Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Finding inspiration within your own family

I have just been for a short break to Oxford. I love visiting the colleges where all the great writers have been, it's so inspiring. Above is Merton College where TS Elliot attended for a while. I walked past the stunning park area and wondered if he got inspiration for his writing here.

The picture to the right is inside the stunning Magdalen College. CS Lewis taught here. I could almost imagine him sitting at the top table at meal times, perhaps thinking about Narnia while they were tucking into their lunch!

Below is the passage that contains the song room.  Andrew Lloyd Webber also attended Magdalen for a while. I stood here and wondered if he gained inspiration for any of his work right here?


( Emma and Herbert Partridge with my great uncle George and aunt Dolly)

On the way down to Oxford I wanted to visit one of my ancestral homes.

 In the beautiful village of Church Hanborough I found the cottage where my great grandmother and grandfather Emma and Herbert Partridge lived.  When I found it I couldn't believe that I was actually standing outside this same cottage which has hardly changed in over 100 years.

It was the most amazing experience and one that has inspired me the moment I got back to research even more into my family history, talk to people and write it down.

I find it so wonderful  that it does not always have to be the famous places or people that inspire us, sometimes we may find something a little closer to home within our own family history that can spark the desire and inspiration to write. 


  1. Hi Diane, I wondered if you would kindly feature my ebook free promotion giveaway, two children's books on your blog? for the 6th to 9th and the 12th to the 13th July please? Don't worry if that is a problem. Kind regards, Carole.

    1. No problem Carole, I will put something on for you soon. xx

  2. I love that photo of your Great Uncle and Aunt! I have a fascination with old photographs and when you are related to the people in them, even better! To find that cottage is to find true history. Good luck with tracing your family tree, something that I would love to do, but never seem to have the time, I should change that!
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    1. Hi John, yes it was so special to find it. I was chatting to the man in the pub next door and it's true that these things really put the meat on the bones of old family history. I am lucky that my cousin has done a lot of research for our family. It's worth doing, even if you just do a bit at a time, it doesn't matter how long it takes, it's just fascinating to know where we came from so we can connect with the people that put us here. Best wishes and hope you can find some time to do what you want.

  3. Dear Diane,
    This is wonderful and the inspiration from the roots of your family past just shows that sometimes the writing ideas are closer than you realise.
    All the best with the genealogy and may your writing endeavours continue to find much fulfilment through such positive resources.
    Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your very kind comment on my site.
    Gary x

    1. Hi Gary,
      It is so magical to find out about the lives of my family. There are so many stories just about Emma and Herbert that inspire me. These are all on my Mothers side so now I continue to search form my Dad's side of the family who knows what I may find. Best wishes to you. Di x