Saturday, 7 August 2010

Interviewing chickens

I enjoyed a wonderful week off work recently and met up with Robert Green from Talking Newspapers for the blind.

He came to interview the hens and have a chat with me.

It was a wonderful experience and we talked about why I had been inspired to write my book 'One Hundred Ways For A Chicken To Train Its Human'

The reason soon became clear and as soon as I let my hens out, they were more than happy to meet Robert and tell him in their own way why chickens are so inspiring for people to write about.

I was worried that they would not be too vocal or would get shy at being interviewed, but Robert, armed with microphone in one hand and corn in the other soon had them eating out of his hand as you can see in the photo above.

It was a wonderful experience for me too. I am looking forward to hearing the interview on CD at some point as Robert hopes to record extracts from my book along with the interview and put it onto the talking newspapers for the blind as a small humour feature.

It is often said that we should never work with children or animals - but in this case, it certainly went according to plan.


  1. I bet you had a great time doing that, Di! I love chickens - I think they're hilarious! I wish I was allowed them but, alas, it's not to be (at the moment!)

    Julie xx

  2. Hi Diane,
    It must have been a fascinating interview. I'm so pleased that everything went to plan. I truly believe that hens could teach us humans a few lessons.
    Have a good weekend and thanks for this delightful posting.
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  3. A delightful way to be interviewed, and for such a good reason. Hugs.. x

  4. Hi folks
    Yes, it was so much fun and I was very proud of the girls, they were very sociable and I hope Robert got what he needed. Can't wait to hear the finished product now!