Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Snakes and Ladders

Over the last few days, I feel like I have been playing a mad game of snakes and ladders as far as my writing is concerned.

I was heading up hill with so many ideas and submissions out there. I posted a story on Monday and was full of hope. But then the first snake sent me slithering back a few steps as my novel 'Red Kite' was rejected. It had been with a publisher for six months and so when I received the huge manuscript back, it was a bit of a blow this time. I felt I was so close as they had asked to see so much of it and gave me wonderful comments, they like my style but alas, it was not to be, apparently it is not commercial enough for them.

Then a wonderful ladder appeared in the form of a phone call from a local farm shop who have been stocking my book 'One Hundred Ways For A Chicken to Train Its Human' they said it had sold out and so needed more copies, wonderful news and I have had to order a new supply to give to them.

True to the game my next snake came only a few hours ago when reading a magazine about up-and-coming Children's books. I discovered that a character I had created months ago was already out there and doing very well with a major publisher, I felt deflated to start with but then thought to myself at least it was a great idea! I just didn't get there first.

It's quite magical in a way, I was born in the year of the snake according to the Chinese calender, and I really am fascinated by the creatures.

The picture above is of Sabby, my little wooden snake who sits on my coffee table every day just watching the mad life of a struggling writer who hopes that one day her snake will become a ladder to success.


  1. You're quite right, this writing game is like snakes and ladders.
    Glad to see you're keeping your chin up.
    Red Kite will make it, I'm certain of it.
    You're such a superb writer Di; it will land on the desk of the right publisher and then soar up the bestseller list.

  2. Loved the reference to snakes and ladders, may you have many many more ladders in future... hugs..

  3. Thanks Sue, I know I have to just keep going now, I certainly will not give in.

    Hi Carole, I have really experienced some ups and downs lately, but I am continuing to climb as high as I can.

    Thanks to both of you for the supportive comments, it is easy to let rejection take over, I am not going to let that happen.

  4. That's it Di, just keep rolling the dice!