Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sci-fi Chickens or a Horsey Horror?

I attended another great workshop today which was part of our usual Wrekin Writers meeting which was run by Julie Phillips ( on different types of Genres. It was a great way of looking at the separate things that make up a particular genre and the difference between them.

We got into groups and looked at several different genres such as Literary, Romance, Western, Horror, Sci-fi, and Crime Thriller and attempted to write down a short paragraph ( or some did even longer) in that style.

It was fascinating, especially when we then had to swap the genre with what we had already written and change it into the next genre. Our group had Literary and then had to change it to Crime Thriller, not easy but it was fascinating to work with different styles and learn about different genres.

I found it useful and certainly want to explore different genres with my writing, who knows, one day I might find the right one!


  1. Thanks, Di,

    I really enjoyed doing it and I hope everyone enjoyed it or at least got something out of it!

    Julie xx

  2. It was great Julie, I really got a lot out of it and so did everyone else. Well done you!