Saturday, 19 May 2012

Keeping track of submissions

It's so important to keep track of submissions and stay organised with any writing work in progress.

I have been spending so much time editing my novel over the last  few months that I have neglected all the other work I had sent out earlier in the year.

What didn't help was that I had even lost my year planner under a pile of paperwork!

On finding it again I discovered  that I had sent off one of my stories during February this year to more than one  publisher. I am usually very organised and mark my planner with a great big 'S' to remind me when I have done it. But what's the use of a planner if gets lost and forgotten about?

I had to give myself a good telling off for letting things slip.

I had even allowed myself to get despondent as I had not received a reply for both submissions but on revisiting the original guidelines for both publishers, it stated that they can take at least six months to reply.
This is not unusual but if I had kept track of my submissions in the first place and checked my year planner, I would not even expected a reply yet, as in both cases I still have another four months to get a positive response.

If I don't get a positive response, I shall send them out again to somewhere else but this time I will keep track of  them!


  1. You're not alone in this Di, I do exactly the same, even forgetting to save important emails. Must do better! :0)

  2. Thanks Carole,

    This has taught me a lesson as I know I can get carried away with what I am working on at the moment and forget about other projects that are important for the future.

  3. It also means that It may remind you of work that was returned that you can now send out again, too!

    1. Absolutely Simon! I have myplanner stood up on my desk and will let nothing slip by in future.