Sunday, 20 March 2016

First Author School Visit

I had the opportunity to attend my first 'Author' school visit recently and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had as a Writer.  

I had great fun in the days leading up to the event too as I hunted the local charity shops for props. I found so many interesting things including this wonderful old camera case which turned out to be perfect to put all my bits and bobs inside.  

When I arrived the teacher showed me to the class room and there I saw my book on a huge screen. Soon the small class joined me and it was great to see their reaction when I put on my story telling cloak. They gathered round the screen and acted it out with story telling techniques.  It was incredible to see my story so animated by a class of seven year olds.

Following that I brought out my case and one by one fetched out my props -  Uther the unicorn, silver water, unicorn food, clover and a little white horse.  They were mesmerised by them and we had such fun as they passed Uther round.  It difficult to take him away, especially when one little girl asked if he could stay for tea!

After that I gave them a chance to try on my cloak, they loved it and all had their picture taken before we did the question and answer session.  I was thrilled at the interesting questions they had come up with. I wasn't sure what to expect as at that age they could come up with the most random things but they were great and very interesting.

We finished off with me reading my story 'Every White Horse' to them.  I don't usually feel that confident when reading out loud but they made me feel so relaxed that I really enjoyed it.  That was such good fun and so rewarding as a writer to share the magic with the people I am writing for.

I just hope I get to do it again sometime.


  1. Hi Diane, I am so excited to learn that your latest book The Painted Pony is on its way to me, via our mutual friend Anthony. I am sure there will be tears as Chad was my favourite horse, after my very own special horse, Huckleberry I have a photo of them both together taken at their field in Madeley in the 1980s. Good luck in all you do!

    Very best wishes, Mia x