Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Fairy Tale

At our Christmas meeting of Wrekin Writers, Sue our Chairperson set us a fun challenge. We all had to write down what we would like in our Christmas Stocking. She then read them out and everyone had to guess who had said what. Some were easier than others, most people guessed mine correctly - a fairy inside a snow globe.

It was a great way of learning about someone's personality and I will use it in the future when trying to develop a fictional character.

But sometimes real life is even more magical than fiction.

My mom is always giving me tesco carrier bags full of things! I say things because in the past she has given me several pairs of large and very sensible knickers, dusters, dish cloths, bin bags, scissors, postage stamps, apples and carrots for the horses and chocolate.

Today was no exception. When I got home and unpacked the carrier bag, I found a large rope (this was in case I needed towing out of a hedge in the snow again which is another story that I will not go into now),carrots,apples,chocolate and something else. I unwrapped the tiny ball from the bubble wrap to find a fairy inside a snow globe!

Mom had been looking since the meeting to get me one and hoped to give it to me for Christmas but couldn't find one. The one that appeared magically inside the miscellany of goodies was the one I had given her years ago, she just thought that it was time this little fairy came back to me.

How magical is that?


  1. How lovely. My daughter collects snowglobes and has a couple of fairy ones.


  2. What a beautiful snowglobe! And how lovely of your mom to give it to you. We were coming out of Jungle Land (soft play area) after one of my daughter's school pal's birthday party, and it was hailing - but it was really soft,owdery hail, and I commented that this is what it would feel like if we lived in a snow globe!!

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Diane,
    How nice and magical:-) The tale of the returning fairy. Great stuff. With a little luck, my friends, the 'wee folks', might have a look at your picture of the fairy in the snow globe.
    All the very best and thanks for another magical posting.
    With respect, Gary.

  4. What a lovely thought by your Mum!

    And thank you for your and the group's lovely thought re the Special Award today at WW today!

  5. Hi Suzanne and Julie, yes I love snow globes, I have quite a few from the very tacky to the completely magical, like this one.

    Hello Gary, oh please do get the 'wee folks' to have a peek! Very best wishes to you all, Di

    Simon - You really deserve the award, I cannot think of a time when you have not comeback to me when I have been pestering you with questions. Many others think the same. well done you!