Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Writing Shed

Having a week off work, I was thrilled to think about getting down to lots of writing, yet within the first few days, I was wondering what to write about first. My fellow bloggers came to the rescue with great advice, so I made a plan. But some plans never go that easily.

I juggle my writing time around my animals and do tend to get distracted from my writing if I feel I need to be doing something else. My writing environment is very important. I like to feel relaxed and happy.

Today the weather was so nice, I wanted to be outside, yet wanted to write as well - ughh! So I came up with another plan. I created an outdoor writing area. My writing shed, where I can relax and let the hens run free while my writing gets a free range too!.

This is my new writing shed. I had a clear out in my summer house. I decorated it in a Cornish style sea shack years ago. I had been using it to store rubbish, but thought it may be a nice area to write. I painted the wall years ago and hung all sorts of things up to resemble the seaside. It was lovely on such a nice day to get in there and do some writing. The best thing was I could keep an eye on the hens who tend to go missing if I leave them to their own devices for hours on end.

I managed to write a short story while enjoying a little fresh air, and in the end, I even had some company!

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  1. Greetings Diane,
    Well I think this is fantastic. You are so right that the environment, a positive ambience, can make all the difference in allowing the creative thoughts to flow.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your time outdoors in the lovely late winter weather.
    Kind wishes, Gary:-)