Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Sauce of Inspiration

It's OK folks, you haven't logged into my other blog (inside the chicken coop) by mistake. Just felt this post wanted to be here instead.

My hens are always digging up old china, bottles, and metal etc, but today the 'Time Team' chicks came up trumps when they had their first complete find. It was an old H P Sauce bottle. It's not ancient, there are probably loads of them around, but it's still nicer than the plastic bottles we have today, and of course it has a little bit of history.

This simple sauce bottle really made me think. I wondered who had shaken the last drop of sauce out of it, and what were they eating at the time? What were they talking about? What were they wearing? Where were they going next? It's endless isn't it? How the smallest objects can make you think about the wider picture? It's a great way of building a character for a story (do they like red or brown sauce?!)

That's the wonderful thing about writing. It makes you wonder about things. Some things, even if they appear insignificant, could be the source of an idea that leads on to a great story or article.

Above is just a small collection of what my little 'Time Team' have found. I don't think I can claim treasure trove just yet, but I certainly have history and a brilliant source of inspiration.

So next time you find a penny in the street, a car park ticket, a cigarette stub on a pavement, it could be the source of inspiration for your next piece of writing.

Good luck


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  2. You're right of course Di.

    There used to be a corner of the antique centre at Bridgnorth where they had artefacts from the two World Wars.
    The corner had a resonance somehow,as if the pieces spoke of past lives they'd touched.
    Very atmospheric.
    They've moved it round now and it isn't the same.

  3. Hi Diane,
    I totally agree with you that all sorts of objects and most definitely, an 'HP' bottle can be a 'sauce of inspiration':-)
    I reckon your 'Time Team' hens should have their own show.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  4. The only thing I've found in my back garden, Di, is a piece of plastic netting!! Don't think there's much history in that! We have the odd ball thrown over from the kids next door but that's about it.

    Mind you any thing can be written about and made into a story can't it - so I shall lpay close attention when I am put and about.

    Julie xx

  5. Hi Sue, yes, I have found many little corners of antique and even 'junk' shops like that, so glad we can appreciate it.

    Hello Gary, Yes, I think my little hens would do a fine job discovering history. Watch out Tony we have a new 'Time Team'!

    Hi Julie, you never know what you may find and even plastic netting may come into one of your stories one day! Though thinking how well you are doing at the moment you may not to use it just yet!
    Love Di