Sunday, 31 January 2010

Writer seeks publisher with GSOH. Must love animals.

I wish it were as simple as the title of this blog to find a publisher.
I started 2010 thinking I would send my novel off to hundreds of publishers, hoping that one would be interested. I identified no less than 30 publishers from the Writers and Artists Year book, but on researching each one, I found that I was only left with four who would look at unsolicited manuscripts. Many of them refer you straight back to the excellent 'Artist and Writers Year book, and others state they only want work via an Agent.

This is not intended to be a doomy post, but it does show how hard it is for a writer to even get their work looked at. I am thrilled that I have those four publishers that will be getting a copy of 'Red Kite' very soon. I will also be sending it off to Agents. My list of agents is more than double than that of the publishers, and if I secured one, it may help me get a step further to publication.

I have also found that the Writers' News magazine which is available if you subscribe to 'Writing Magazine', is a wonderful source of information. I found two large publishers that were now accepting manuscripts from un-known writers, so I have already sent Red Kite off to both of those.

It gives up-to-date information on the market at the moment which is crucial. As you can see by the photograph, my Artists and Writers Year book is 2009. Many of the entries in there could have changed dramatically since it going into print so well worth checking websites before sending of material.


  1. The most important thing is, Di, that you are sending Red Kite out there to both agents and publishers. We hear so many stories of how difficult it is to get published or get an agent but your manuscript only has to land on the right publisher's or agent's desk at the right time and you might hit the target! If you're not sending your work out there then it won't get seen.

    Good luck with it

    Julie xx

  2. Hello Di,
    Those publishers who say they don't accept unsolicited usually accept queries, look on Google and other writing sites and find how to write a query that will draw them in - do your research first, and if you do this, you will have a reply, often asking to see your work. Good Luck! Carole.

  3. Hi Julie, Yes you are right, It's the getting it out there that is important. I will certainly be working down my list and trying them all.
    Love Di x

    Oh thanks Carole, that is encouraging, I guess I get put off too easily. I will certainly take your advice and try some enquiry letters.
    Love Di

  4. Best of luck Di. You deserve success.
    It will happen I'm sure.

  5. We'll all be gatecrashing your novel launch, don't you worry!