Saturday, 30 January 2010

Cold Moon

At the moment, most of us are struggling to get through this winter. We are certainly experiencing some of the most extreme conditions that I have known , though I know there has been worse in the past. But today I thought about how we deal with it. I am fed up of being fed up, if that makes sense to anyone.

I recently learned that the native American tribes such as the Cherokee linked their months and moons to nature and what was happening around them at the time. January is harsh with freezing and brutal conditions, so the Cold Moon' was named. Other tribes have different and equally fascinating names for such moons, but it is wonderful to see how other cultures can embrace things in a different way to others.

This morning when I took these photographs, I had to admire the beauty and wonder of our wonderful planet, despite the way it seems to fight us sometimes by unleashing some of the most devastating natural disasters that we have encountered in our time.

I found it quite magical that the 'Cold Moon' appeared inside the lamp which stands on my window sill. Perhaps not such a cold moon after all if it can find it's way into something that brings light and warmth?


  1. Oh Di,

    What lovely photographs. Perhaps the moon was cold and decided to find somewhere warm to hide in.

    Best wishes to you, the hens and ponies and of course your husband.


  2. There's something magical about those photos, Di - very heart warming. I think most people are fed up with the wintry weather - I can't wait for spring and the lighter evenings!

    Julie xx

  3. Hello Diane,
    What hauntingly beautiful photographs you have posted. I thank you for that.
    I appreciate your reference to the First Nation's tribes of North America. As you know, I have been blessed with some most inspirational moments with the west coast tribes of British Columbia. Proud and noble people; in touch, in harmony with nature.
    Kind wishes your way and thank you for this magical posting.
    With respect, Gary

  4. Hi Fee, Yes I thought the moon wanted to try another space, just before it entered my lamp it was doing the tight rope walk on the telegraph wire! Glad you liked the photos.

    Julie, I can't wait for spring too, but I suppose it's about getting a little pleasure out of every season. I know that's very hard at the moment Brrrrr!

    Hello Gary, this was a post I had wanted to do for months. I love how other cultures embrace different times of the year and make it magical.

    Best wishes to you all
    Love Di