Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow helps Red Kite fly

I said I would make sure I used this snowy weather problem to my advantage and now I am very happy to say that I will be sending two chapters and my synopsis off tomorrow to yet another publisher. (as long as we don't have anymore of the white stuff that is)

I was shocked to find that I had only sent Red Kite off 3 times last year. I submitted it to two publishers and one agent. In fairness they all wanted to see it in isolation in that I had not sent it to anyone else, so it took ages before they rejected it and the year was ticking by, but the last rejection I got was in July 2009. I have no excuses there and should have worked on it, and sent it out again, as I have in these last two days.

I shall therefore put it in writing now, that IF (oh the positivity, note I did not say when) I get it rejected again, I will send it out at least a month later.

No going back now, I have to make it happen.

The photo is one I took at the Red Kite feeding station, at Gigrin Farm in Wales. I really tried to see these magical birds through the eyes of my main character. Every step I took around the place, I imagined how he would see it. A little scary as he is a 14 year old lad, but it is a challenge. It is said that you should always imagine your novel as a film. These birds would all be stars if this was the case.


  1. Well done Di,

    Good luck with it all. You could always see if there are any publishers that take submissions by email too.

    I wish you every success with Red Kite.

    I know the area you feed the red kites in pretty well.

    Your posts has stirred some memories inside me perhaps these will come as ideas for short stories later.

    Best wishes


  2. You can do it, Di, and you know you have the support and encouragement from the rest of us!

    Julie xx

  3. Good luck, Di, with your determination you are sure to make it! Hugs....xx

  4. Thank you all so much for your support, it really does make a difference when you can put in writing what your plans are, it sort of makes it a real goal rather than something in your head.

  5. Why wait a month? Bloody hell gal, anyone would think you had chickens to feed, horses to look after, and book signing tours to sort for your mum!

    Love the positivity! If I send a big project out, I always have the name and address for another publisher in the file, ready and waiting, in case it should come back. That way, when I sit down and re-read my text (in search of ways of improving it any further) I feel that I am working on moving the project forward again, rather than having to pick up the Writers and Artists and trying to find someone else to submit to, when I may not feel in the mood to do so!

  6. Hi Di, I sent you an invite to share on my blog, but you didn't reply so have resent.

    Hugs and love, Carole. p.s. the posts on my blog are about YOU, not me..and you would have to check back to my blog to find any comments, I'm working on that one. :0)