Saturday, 23 January 2010

The other side of blogging

"Wonder what's on the other side?"

I only recently found out about guest blogging or being a team member of another blog. It's fantastic, what a great idea.

Carole Anne Carr invited me and a few other members to do a guest blog and become team members of her excellent own blog 'Children's Books at the Cake and Custard'. It's great to see what's happening on other blogs and what sort of followers other writers have. It opens up another side with opportunities to talk to a wider audience.

I admit to letting all my fellow bloggers go first as I had no idea of what do on someone else's blog. But once I started, I felt at home, so thank you Carole again for making me feel so welcome! I will certainly be returning to her excellent blog in the future.

It's coming up to my first aniversary of blogging and I can't believe how much it has helped me. I have gained confidence in my own abilty, learned new IT skills by asking fellow bloggers 'How on earth do you do that on your blog?', I have sold more copies of my book, and made some wonderful new contacts, as well as keeping up the wonderful support and encouragement from my existing followers.

I would certainly give guest blogging a go, especially if you have a lot of followers as it just shows how many topics most people are interested in.


  1. Congratulations on your almost completed first year of blogging, Di, and also on the sale of your books. I've very happy for you and look forward to more of your posts as a member of our Commonplace Blog.Hugs...

  2. Hi Diane,
    I would just like to echo Carole's comment. Hope you have a wonderful first year anniversary of blogging.
    It was a very nice gesture to offer us the chance to guest blog on her lovely site. I personally, lack confidence and I was most touched by her asking.
    I look forward to your next posting on her site and on this site.
    With kindness and respect, Gary

  3. Thanks Carole, I enjoy blogging so much, It really has been a wonderful journey with all the things I have learned since I started.

    Hi Gary, Yes as I said, thanks to Carole my confidence is growing too. I have become quite a blogging addict!

  4. Great post. And congratulations on the blogging and the book.