Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Inspiration - The sequel

Hi folks

Well I'm here again. Due to the snow, I could not get into work today, so decided to sort some of my books out. I found the one pictured and it brought back lovely memories of my first joining Wrekin Writers. It's come full circle as our very own Sue Horder-Mason was chair back then and from the moment I walked in I felt welcome. I was so shy then I couldn't stand reading anything out but the group has helped me overcome that with years of support and encouragement.

Sue often used this book to give us exercises which were a fantastic way of getting instant inspiration. Some of them were against the clock and she would quite literally open to a page, close her eyes and pick one to do. It has pages of 'five minute fictions' where you are invited to write a story about anything from 'something old' to 'a chair' to 'being afraid' etc. This is a great way to get limbered up for your own writing, a bit like stretching exercises for the brain before you go into your full aerobic exercise of writing.

I never forgot it and only last year I managed to get a used copy of the book from amazon. It really is a good read and very informative. Roberta Allen the author of 'Fast Fiction has a website so is well worth look at see


  1. Hi Di,

    Sorry to hear you couldn't get out to work again.

    What a wonderful post. I can just picture Sue picking a page and going with it.

    The writers group does inspire us to keep going and try new things.

    I will try and find a copy of that book and will also take a look at the link you have given.

    Thanks for this post.

    Best wishes to you all.


  2. Good to see you've found a book you are enjoying, they are like gold dust when we find them, aren't they. Wishing you a very productive day, hugs...xx

  3. I love books that bring back memories and that particular book reminds me of that lovely story your Mum wrote about waking up and finding Santa asleep in the chair.

    We do go back a long time lol and during that time we've shared a hell of a lot. You're a special friend Di and thank you for both memories and the smile.


  4. sounds like a really useful book to have Di.
    Love the faerie.
    Does she have a name?