Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Snowed under

Well here I am again. This morning the snow was very bad in South Shropshire. Most of the main roads were blocked due to accidents and heavy snow, making it impossible to get to work. However, I have used the time at home well.

I was really becoming snowed under with several years worth of writing magazines. I hate throwing any of them away, so decided to go through each issue and pick out the bits I need. I was amazed how useful this was. I divided them up into subjects such as dialogue, pitching, writing for children and general hints and tips. I also kept the letters to the editor as these provide a quick source of help and advice.

It was wonderful to see how many times members of Wrekin Writers have contributed in some way or another in Writing Magazine, Writers Forum, Link Magazine and Writers News, with numerous articles and letters from Simon Whaley, Julie Phillips, Sue Ross and Fee Smith. I also found an excellent leaflet on dialogue that Mike White had produced for a workshop he presented a few years ago, and Simon's booklet on article writing.

These items are a wonderful source of information, so thank you all for adding to my now bursting file which is packed with the information I need in a place I can find it.

On looking through all the copies of the writing mags, I also found how often the same topics were published over time, which is great as it means as long as we do our research, there is no reason that we can't submit similar articles after a suitable period, even if the subject has been tackled before.

Still snowing here, but at least my house is de-cluttered and I have room to collect even more writing stuff!


  1. It's just drizzling rain here in Telford, Di, but it's also very cold. I can't believe how much more snow you've had in South Shropshire!

    Yes, you have used your time well haven't you. Pays to be organised - she says, having had several sort outs of her writing stuff over the past year but still got piles everywhere!

    Julie xx

  2. Oh gosh, "The Wrekin Writer Guide to Selling Magazine Articles" - that takes me back a bit!

    When you stop and look back at what we as individual members of the group have achieved in the last 10 years, it's quite amazing really isn't it? Aren't we clever?

    Hope the snow thaws soon for you, but not too soon that you can't get a bit more writing done!


  3. Yes, we were snowed in, and yes, I could do with you here to help me sort out the mess I call my study...well done you for using your day so sensibly. Carole. x

  4. Hi Di, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but replies to your post on our shared blog are coming in, and unfortunately, and I haven't been able to change this, you will have to return to cake and custard to read them. x