Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bringing a story to life

I often walk in the very places that I have set my novel 'Red Kite'. It helps me to bring a story to life, if I am actually there, in the place that I have set a scene.

Over the years I have walked miles in the footsteps of 'Brodie' my central character. The photos on this post are what he has seen, so by viewing these images, you are looking through his eyes.

I think many vistors to the Titterstone Clee may have given me a wide berth at times if they have spotted me acting out a particular chapter when I have been talking to myself, perhaps counting steps , hiding in places with my notebook franticly scribbling down ideas, or just sitting in the very places where Brodie has visited.

It is a great way of bringing a story to life. If you experience it in the real world, it can breathe so much life into your work. I know this may not always be possible, especially if you are writing Sci-fi and of other planets, but back down on earth, it's worth trying. Saying that, I think the image above looks almost like another planet!

The photo above is perhaps the most chilling as it is where Brodie has the most terrifying experience ( You will have to buy the book - if it is ever published - to find out what that experience could be!)

I sat in this very spot the other day. I was enjoying my escape back into 'Red Kite' It was silent apart from the birds and the hum of a distant tractor. Suddenly a man called out a boys name from behind me. Nothing odd about that you may think - except it happened to be the name of Brodie's dead brother! How spooky was that? I turned around like I had seen, or heard a ghost! Poor man must of thought I was bonkers!

That was bringing my story a little bit too close too life, but what a magical experience it was to have.


  1. Lovely pictures, Diane. It's great to be in the place where your (or someone else's) novel is set. It makes it feel more real. You can feel the atmosphere, and how startling when your novel comes to life like that!

  2. Hi Diane,
    I think it is wonderful how you take on board the vision, as if you were seeing it through 'Brodie's' eyes. To absorb yourself into the surrounding environment; is most assuredly, an awesome experience.
    I do hope you manage to get 'Red Kite' published. Diane, you bring your stories to life. I am always pleased to drop by and read your magical blogs.
    With respect, Gary

  3. That's really strange, Di! An omen - it's a sign - your book is going to get published I just know it!

    I haven't been up Titterstone Clee for years - it's a very barren and atmospheric place.

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Mike, I really enjoyed taking the photos, the weather was perfect when I went up on Sunday so got some great results.

    Hello Gary, It's an odd experience as I reaaly feel I know my character ( despite him being a 14 year old boy!) Thank you so much for your encouragement and lovely comments.

    Oh Julie, I hope it is an omen! I have worked so long on this novel, it really is part of my life, I would love one day to get it published.