Monday, 8 March 2010

Wrekin Writers fix it

I wanted to send a few flowers to say thank you to my fellow bloggers and Wrekin Writers who helped me yesterday. I had a horrible problem with my blog which had been taken over by horrible spam! I was so upset as I really thought everything had gone forever. I had been working on a post for ages when all of a sudden a load of adverts kept flashing onto the screen and would not let anyone access it.

But you came to my rescue via facebook and email with a fix that worked
( Bryan and Carole you are brilliant!)but thanks to everyone for giving me support. It was so lovely this morning to see people responding and I fixed it before even getting out of bed for work!

I had added a few gadgets to my blog. This seems to be quite a problem so beware of adding anything. I had a fish tank, a pet bat and a nature machine, I know that sound a bit excessive, but it apparently happens with all sorts of things, including those counter things so just be careful.

Thanks so much everyone


  1. Di, just been catching up with your lovely blog.
    How great to see you and your mum in the Shropshire Star.
    I've never quite worked out how to add bits and pieces to my blog yet. I've always admired those who do so, but I'll be aware of the pitfalls now.

  2. Hi Diane,
    I'm glad to note that your blog site seems to be sorted out. Thanks for the warnings about additions on our sites.
    I have noted that 'blogger' has been acting up a bit lately. On my site, it kept showing one of your older blogs to be just posted.
    Anyway, all the best and happy writing.
    With respect, Gary:-)