Thursday, 15 April 2010

Another Kingdom

Yesterday evening I entered another Kingdom. A magical Kingdom where I was allowed to watch in silence as the inhabitants enjoyed their life to the full. I stood on the edge of their world, looking into a way of life that is so very different to our own.

No, I was not dreaming of fairies and unicorns - I was watching badgers! Five badgers!

I took an evening walk through the woods which are always beautiful at dusk. The rooks were nesting, and I made a few pheasants flee, squawking as they were disturbed by my footsteps cracking on the dry twigs.

Then I could see something larger in the near distance. Instantly, I could tell it was a badger. Within seconds another followed and they started to play fight ( hope it was play anyway)

Next, badger 1 and 2 ran past me just as badger 3, 4 and 5 came out to join them. They wrestled, they snuffled in the soil and made the most curious noises.

The wonderful thing was that they seemed to be oblivious to me. I think one gave me a look as I trod on another branch, but I did my impression of tree and it went back to what it was doing.

It was incredible, for me to see one of the most elusive creatures on our planet. In the past I have seen more dead on the roadside, but now, I have been able to alter my tally by seeing five of the most lovely creatures we have living in the United Kingdom - the very magical meles meles!


  1. What a wonderous moment, very envious!

  2. How wonderful for you Di. We used to have badgers come into the garden last year, but sadly they've stopped coming. Perhaps they got fed up with us putting the same food out for them each night!