Sunday, 18 April 2010

A writer is never off duty!

Do you ever find that as a writer you are never off duty?

I attended a wedding this weekend. It was perfect in every way.

The bride was beautiful, the groom was witty, the setting was perfect, and the guests were the most lovely people to share time with, but as a writer - I couldn't switch off.

The minute we came up the drive and saw the very impressive Somerford Hall, I got a touch of the Jane Austin's!

As we sipped Pimms on the terrace, We had a conversation about 'Hello Magazine' and when we had eaten out meal, I found myself gazing out of the window watching the rabbits chase each other and got a touch of the Beatrix Potter's.

Then, when the guests started to drift off, we had a break before the evening session, and I got a touch of the Diane Perry's. It was magical. We walked through the estate, and watched the sunset, all the time, my mind thinking about stories and articles, inspired by my beautiful environment.

The tree below is quite obviously the residence of a very important fairy!

As we walked back to the hall, the light was fading outside, but from within, the hall was glowing in candlelight and music pulsated over the park. The band were playing 'Don't stop me now' by Queen.

How very appropriate!


  1. I know just what you mean Diane, about always having a tale tumbling around in the background. Loved the fairy tree!

  2. I hope Mr Darcy swept you off your feet!

  3. What a lovely place, no wonder you had those inspiring thoughts, Di. x

  4. Hi Christine, Yes I loved the fairy tree so much, it gave me all sorts of ideas for stories.

    Well Simon, Mr Perry certainly enjoyed being on the dance floor!

    Hello Carole, it was so magical, and a very Happy day which was lovely.

  5. And, of course, no one is safe if there's a writer about. I get most of my inspiration from people.

    Mike xx