Monday, 5 April 2010

A lovely surprise

Eleven people got a lovely surprise yesterday, and I was one of them!
Julie Phillips fellow member of Wrekin Writers and inspirational blogger awarded me one of the Beautiful Blogger awards. It was a lovely surprise, and I feel it an honour to receive such an award.

Julie's own two blogs (Julie's Quest and Article Antics) are always so inspiring and really help to encourage anyone in their writing career, whether they have enjoyed success or just starting to write, she inspires us writers to keep on writing and never giving up despite the rejections we may receive!

I certainly feel in very good company when I see the other worthy recipients. The way it works is that now I also have to choose ten winners. A difficult task when Julie has already picked some of my favourite bloggers all ready, but there are so many worthy people out there, whose blogs I love reading, so I will enjoy making my choices.

Thanks Julie, something like this is a real confidence booster. I hope that when I make my awards it will do the same.


  1. It was a huge confidence boost when I got awarded it, Di, you're right. The only problem was that I felt guilty for leaving the other blogs I so wanted to give this award to out!

    Julie xx

  2. Hi Diane,
    Well done on receiving, 'The Beautiful Blogger' award. You are a most worthy recipient.
    Great stuff!
    With respect, Gary :-)