Monday, 18 October 2010

Get em off!

No, I am not acting in a carry on film, I'm talking about submissions.

After attending the brilliant workshop on Saturday with Lynne Barret-Lee, which was part of the Wellington Literary Festival, I felt so motivated and as though anything is possible if you keep trying.

With three days off work I have spent the whole morning writing. I sent another letter to a Writing magazine and finished a children's story which I have just posted.

It's a lovely feeling to stand in front of a bright shiny red postbox and slip that envelope into it's gaping mouth, feeding it's empty belly with my work. I always feel like that is the first step towards success - just getting stuff out there in the first place and it's a similar feeling when you press the send button for an emailed submission - pure magic!

It was strange as when I had posted my story I saw an elderly gentleman walking towards me. He dropped something and was totally unaware of it. As I got near to him I could see it was a £20 note. I picked it up and called him back and the joy on his face was priceless, he looked at me in almost disbelief that I had handed it to him and not just pocketed it and walked away. I suppose I was his bit of luck today in that I was honest and gave the money back. (even though I could do with it!)

The reason I mention this story is that I believe that having any success in writing or anything else we do depends on two things, firstly yourself and your own actions (sending something off) and then others ( the editor) in reacting to your work and saying yes!

But of course it has to start with you and your submissions by getting them off in the first place!

Carry on writing!

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  1. Oh, well done Di.
    Those hungry letter boxes take some filling don't they.
    I also thought the workshop was smashing. It really helped me to get myself in order.
    The exercises were great fun and really useful.