Sunday, 10 October 2010

A much needed boost

After the excitement of attending Catherine Cooper's celebration party, my motivation dipped a little when I received another three rejections for my novel and a children's story. I was impressed again with the comments some had given me though as each time, it allows me to take a little comfort that I simply need to find the right place and not that my work isn't good enough. I am still trying to find an Agent, but this is proving just as difficult as finding a publisher.

However, my confidence soared when I found out that my letter had been published in Writers News this month. I was secretly hoping that it would go in as the editor had emailed to say he read it with interest, but never the less, it was a great boost to see my name in print again. It really made me want to write more letters as it's a good way to gain experience too.

My letter was about using friends and family to give feedback on work. I have always found it extremely useful as I am forever passing work to my Mom and Husband for an outside opinion. Of course I would love to produce a perfect piece of work first time without pestering anyone, but unfortunately for me, that is not the case. I find I get so wrapped up in a story that my imagination can sometimes go astray and my attention to detail suffers, so it's great if someone can pull me back and point out what I am doing wrong.

Today is 10/10/10 and supposed to be a very lucky day. I have used it well so far and managed to get my novel and a story ready for posting to another publisher tomorrow and have produced an action plan of submissions for the next month or so.

Fingers crossed I may have some luck in the future.


  1. Come on Di, you know as well as I do that with all the hard work you are putting into this you will succeed!

  2. Hi, Di,

    I thought I'd alreadt commented on here but I must have pressed the wrong button! Congrats on the letter in Writers' News - very well said I think. Commiserations on the rejections, though. But at least you have the right attitude and are sending it out there again. More power to your elbow!

    I'm sure it's only a matter of time for you. You've worked so hard on it and have had some positive comments from the people in the know.

    Good luck. You deserve the success.

    Julie xx

  3. Di, I'm going to cross everything for you, fingers, legs, eyes, and whatever else I possess two of.
    You deserve to succeed.
    Your writing speaks for itself. You'll get there. You'll see.

  4. Hi Carole - My confidence is rising all the time and I will keep trying, thank you for your encouragement.

    Thanks Julie, I was so chuffed at that letter, I know you have had several and you should be proud. Yo inspire me! I will not let these rejections get me down, in fact I am sending out yet another story tomorrow!

    Oooh Sue don't get tied up in knots crossing everything! Thank you so much though, it's so motivating to have such words of encouragement.

    Thanks folks! xx

  5. Diane,
    That's the spirit: keep going. You're miles ahead of lots of writers who haven't submitted anything yet. I was talking to someone in that position last night, urging her to get her work out there. Congratulations on the Writers' News letter. You're a star!
    Mike xx