Tuesday, 26 October 2010

W H Smiths Author's Events

I got my first book sale in Wellington W H Smiths last week.

Catherine Cooper, Shropshire author of the Golden Acorn and Brit Writers award winner had arranged for many of the Shropshire writers to attend book selling events at the store throughout October. I have attended a few similar events like this in the past but this was the first time I got some sales. Perhaps it was the excellent position that we had been given which was near to the entrance of the store or maybe because we were right next to the chocolate stand, whatever the reason, it worked.

I was very pleased to be sitting next to my Mother who was selling her books and also in the company of Simon Whaley who has had nine of his books published.

As you see Simon pictured below did not really have a big enough table to display all of his publications, he is already working towards his tenth book, so will probably need an entire isle in the future!

It's always a wonderful and fun experience to attend these events, even though I never expect to sell many of my books, it's a great atmosphere and to actually see the people face to face who are interested in your work is such a lovely feeling.

Selling books on-line or any other way is not as special as talking to someone who is actually interested and prepared to hand over money for your work so hope to attend many further events like this.


  1. It sounds like you all had a fantastic day, Di, and well done on your sale!

    Julie xx

  2. Hi Diane,
    I am so pleased for you on your sale. It looks like you and your mother are having a most enjoyable time. Here's wishing you much success. Happy writing!
    In kindness, Gary

  3. Hi Diane,
    What a lovely photograph of you and your Mother, you both look so happy, and Simon looks very happy too. You must have had a great day.

    Hugs... xx

  4. Hi Julie, it was nice to get a sale there, but hey what about your sale! Whoohooh!

    Hello Gary, thank you, we really did have so much fun, even if I hadn't sold a single copy, it's lovely to go to these events and be with such lovely people.

    Hi Carole, Yes I was pleased with the photo, I think that's one to keep. We got a fit of the giggles every time we sold one, and the queue was right behind us!

  5. Di, I think you did well because you had your lucky mascot with you - you Mum!