Sunday, 16 January 2011

Buying some time

I recently bought some time. It was quite expensive and had to come out of my annual salary but it was well worth it.

I chose this picture because I felt like my writing time was a bit like a jigsaw. I was trying to find bits of time to write and of course it eventually comes together (this clock really does work) but I felt like I needed larger chunks to get on with major writing projects.

With all the bad weather recently and snow that refused to leave parts of South Shropshire, I was finding it a struggle to get into work on time and wanted to leave early. I applied to reduce my hours on a temporary basis until the nights get longer. They agreed and so when I started back after Christmas, instead of feeling the usual weekday blues, I felt great knowing that I would be getting home early. I wanted to really use the time effectively so when I get home at 4.00 pm I can write for and hour and a half and still have time for the usual routine of sorting my animals and cooking tea.

Last week I managed to clock up a total of 8 hours on my non-fiction book. That is like a whole working day that I spent completely on my project which is now almost ready to submit. I hope to send it out into the world by the end of January.

I realise this extra time will be short lived as I return to my full time hours in March but until then I intend to get my money's worth with my new purchase and hope that it will pay off in the long term.


  1. Yes, you are buying time, but you're also making an investment in you as a writer. I'm sure you'll reap a rich return from all of your hard work and effort! Good luck with it!

  2. You are a canny lass and a determined one. It's easy to say 'I haven't the time' but you have proved it can be done with a little planning and a lot of self-discipline.
    Well done Di.

  3. I find you very inspiring. I procastinate all the time when I should be writing (like right now!)I blame the children for tiring me out but the truth is I avoid writing because I am afraid that it won't be any good. I need more confidence, it will happen! x