Sunday, 23 January 2011

Grow Your Writing!

I spent a good three hours in the garden this morning and feel it is true that any form of physical exercise also helps to stimulate the mind. I felt so inspired as I was clearing old rubbish and burning it to start a fresh new year. This is so similar to my writing too. The bonfire is about clearing away all the stuff that has been cluttering my space and having a nice clear desk to start getting creative.

Even though the ground was too hard to dig, I cleared the area and managed to find my vegetable patch that had been lying dormant for the last few months. With a bit of care and hard work, I raked away most of the rubbish and now have a fresh bed to start growing things. New ideas - just like when you have a clean piece of paper or a blank computer screen in front of you.

As I moved around the garden and noticed things, I felt inspired with all the new birth that is already starting to appear.

And even though the ground is hard as iron, new life pushes through.
As writers, we are just like a garden. Constantly growing new ideas despite the set backs and conditions we have to face.

As long as we put in some time and hard work to nurture our ideas, hopefully they will grow into prize winning specimens.

Good luck and get planting!


  1. Too right, Di,

    I always find going for a walk in the countryside helps me to organise my writing thoughts and clear the fog. Good exercise too!

    Happy creating

    Julie xx

  2. Does this mean that we share weed at Wrekin Writers?