Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A New Record?

I think I have just broken a record! No not my beloved Slade Album from the 70's but the speed that I sent off a pitch for one of my children's stories to getting an answer back from the publisher!

At precisely 4.30 pm I sent of an enquiry email pitching my children's book and by 4.41pm precisely I had a 'Yes we will read it' email back! What a great service. At least I feel that I am sending stuff out again.

I know it doesn't mean anything but it did give me the feel good factor and so at precisely 5.03 pm my book had gone winging it's way to seek a future.

It's just knowing that someone is prepared to read your work that gives you confidence, it certainly motivated me into delving into my new 2011 Writers' and Artists' Year book to find a willing recipient of my non-fiction book which I am determined to get out by January 31st!

Here goes!


  1. Excellent Di.
    I'll cross my fingers, legs and eyes for you.
    If you see me tumbled in a heap you'll know why.

    This could be IT couldn't it!

  2. Thanks Sue
    Knowing my luck they will take six months to reject it now! Seriously though, it's great just to have things out there.