Monday, 9 April 2012

Make hay while the sun shines - or the rain is pouring down!

Many may of heard the old saying ' Make hay while the sun shines' Today although it's pouring with rain and the weather forecast has seemed very negative, I still seized the day and feel so motivated by it. So what? The weather isn't great, I didn't want to spend hours outside so I retreated to my attic den and haven't stopped doing writerly things for the last four hours.

I have signed up to a Writers event in the autumn which is always great fun. Although I may not sell many books, it's a great opportunity to get out there and meet readers and as this years event is in a library, it may be a good opportunity to sell my novel which I hope will be published by then.

I have also sent a letter and photo to 'TAB' magazine, sent a pitch to 'Yours' Magazine and written two mini articles, one for my parish magazine and another for the Battery Hen Welfare Trust.

I am now going to work on a short story and when that is completed I shall get my wellies on and go for a walk, may even have a splash in that puddle as it is getting larger by the minute.

So whatever the weather is doing, get on with things you can do. Seize the day rain or shine!


  1. Who said you had to be miserable when the rain falls! I've got loads done too!

    Happy splashing!

    Julie xx

    1. So true Julie, glad you enjoyed the day too and got loads of writing done. xx