Sunday, 15 April 2012

Oh no, I'm knitting when I should be writing!

I have always wanted to learn how to knit. My Grandma tried to teach me when I was a child but I was too much of a tomboy to be interested, preferring to be outside making mud pies and riding horses.

A recent offer from a work colleague to teach me got me inspired enough to go and buy some cheap wool and some knitting needles. Over the weekend I have spent quite a bit of time trying to learn this craft. I really do admire people who can knit, it's almost like alchemy where out of a simple ball of wool and two needles, amazing things can be produced.

Then I started to feel guilty that I was neglecting my writing. I have so many writing projects on that were left in favour of my knitting. Why was I wasting time trying to do something I know nothing about when I should be writing? I even spent money on knitting magazines but to my surprise it gave me a different angle of looking at it.

I quickly realised that this had opened up a whole new writing market too. I am learning something new and being creative in a different way. Who knows, one day I may be pitching article ideas to knitting magazines, something I would never have imagined if I had not had a go at trying something new. I think I may have a long way to go, as you can see by the photo above but it's still an achievement to try and as with any craft, practice is required to improve.

Why not give it a go, it can be something simple or if you are brave enough try something incredibly difficult, you never know, one day you could become an expert and then you have a whole new market to write about.


  1. Know exactly what you mean, Di, I laughed when I read your title, I've recently bought a new knitting basket and a new sewing box! Argggh!

    1. Wonderful Carole, good for you, and now I know you are a knitter I shall scream for help if I get in a mess! xxx

  2. Hi Diane,
    Ah yes, knitting. When I was eight years old my leg got broken. I lay on the couch and learnt to knit. And fifty years later, you've reminded me to probably start knitting again and never mind my writing :)
    Oh, I went to the 'Comedy Knitting Workshop'. Had me in stitches...
    Take care and um happy knitting and writing.

    1. Don't you dare stop writing Gary, even if you never knit another scarf in your life, we still need your words! Well done for learning to knit at such an early age though! xx