Sunday, 22 January 2012

For once I am feeling SMART

I attended a wonderful workshop yesterday run by Simon Whaley. . Simon was launching his tenth book - The Positively Productive Writer and so the work shop was based around being positive in your writing goals.

The 'S.M.A.R.T' tool he was using on the flip chart is one I am very familiar with as I have to use this every day with my work but it was so refreshing to apply it to my writing goals.

Simon mentioned that we should see our goals as a journey with several stops on the way. This means it never seems so daunting when we set a goal for the future as by taking little steps it makes it a more comfortable and achievable ride.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have set myself a few goals this year, mainly of trying to publish two of my books onto kindle. When I first said that I would do this I was a little scared but by applying the SMART technique to both of my goals below, I feel a lot more confident in starting off and working towards them.

S. Are my goals specific? Yes - I want to publish two books on kindle.

M. Are they measurable? Yes, I use my year planner and check list to see where I am.

A. Are they achievable? Yes, if I focus on these two things and research what I need to do.

The only stumbling block is that I have to try and illustrate the non-fiction book myself. This feels a bit daunting but I want to give it a go.

R. Are they realistic? Yes, It is possible to publish a book onto kindle fairly easily. I have left enough time in between each project so feel it is possible.

T. Are they timely? Yes, I need to get one out before the summer Olympics and the novel out by mid autumn. The books have strict time bound subjects, especially the non-fiction book.

So there you have it, for once I do feel smart. I will give both of these goals a go. I do not expect them to be a massive success but I will feel that I have been positive for aiming for them in the first place.


  1. Good for you, Di and wishing you all the luck in the world with your programme. x

    1. Thanks Carole, I feel a bit scared by it all but have to give it a go, may have to pester you for advice some day. xxx

  2. And now you know your goals are SMART - you know you're going to achieve them! Go for it!

    1. I certainly am Simon, you have motivated me into believing I can do it!

  3. Hi Diane,
    I've always like the acronym 'SMART'. We apply the same ideals in the mental health field.
    Great stuff, Diane and may you continue to embrace the magic of positive writing and attainable goals.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary :)

  4. Hi Gary, yes there are some great tools and out there that help keep us positive. You of all people see that which is great. Many thanks for your comment and best wishes. Di x