Sunday, 15 January 2012

Inspiration right under my nose

I spent a beautiful morning visiting all the villages and churches within the parish where I live and took so much inspiration for my writing from the most simple things.

The snowdrops above were taken at Clee St. Margaret Churchyard. They made me think that whatever happens during the year, they still come back even stronger. They face all kinds of conditions, as we do in our writing but every year they still come back.

The second place I visited was Stoke St. Milborough where the Holy Well flows to this day. I saw this as having faith. If we don't believe in what we are writing about or have faith in anything we are doing, it will not happen because we will give up after the first hurdle we come to.

The third is a picture of the bell at Middleton church. It may seem like any other bell tower but here a bird had made a nest. Birds seem to see opportunities everywhere and by doing so they succeed. That is so important with writing. It's about seeing every possible place to get your work out there. Some times it may be in the most unlikely places that you may succeed.

The final picture is of a stained glass window in the beautiful Caynham Church. This made me think to look closer at everything. The mare and foal was a tiny detail in a huge scene but I focused on it because I love horses. Details like this could lead to all sorts of ideas for writing - it's just taking time to seek them out.

All these small things in a quiet rural parish have given me so much thought to how I feel about my own writing:-

1) Coming back time and time again after long spells of hard work and rejection.

2) Having faith in what I am writing about and what I want to achieve.

3) Looking for opportunities everywhere, even if they seem unlikely.

4) Focus on detail and look in every place possible, zoom in on detail and it may bring amazing results.


  1. Hi Diane,
    What lovely and inspiring photos and your healthy attitude intertwined with your observational skills, your appreciation for all around, will most assuredly enhance your writing creativity :)
    Excellent stuff, Diane.
    In kindness, Gary

  2. Hi Diane,
    What lovely photos, very inspiring! Snowdrops are a lovely flower and if you can get close enough to them, they have a lovely scent! The first signs of Spring!
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  3. Truly inspiring stuff.
    I wish I had your outlook on life Di.

  4. Hi Gary, many thanks for your kind words, I do hope that our wonderful world continues to inspire me. Best wishes to you. Love Di x

    Hello John, I have checked out your blog too and you have some great pictures. I agree that Snowdrops are one of the best signs of spring.

    Hello Strangebrew, lovely to see you here. Many thanks for your comments. I hope that you see some small thing in our beautful world that does inspire you one day.