Monday, 9 January 2012

New found confidence

For the first time this week I started to believe that I can do things that I thought I would never do. This week I knocked on the door of a total stranger and did an interview for a future article. Of course I had emailed the lady to arrange the meeting, so it was not unplanned but for me it was still a big thing. I have never been confident in pushing myself forward for situations such as this but after completing my journalism course, I do feel that I have found my confidence and want to make myself do things to progress in the future. I really believe that doing my distance learning course helped me to achieve this.

It was so wonderful to talk about a subject that I knew nothing about and then get home to write about it. I will not be paid for the article as it is for my local parish magazine but I still went about the whole thing in the same manner as I would for any other market. I made sure I still tackled the subject with the same professional attitude, though we did laugh when I showed her my pass pictured above. I just didn't want her to think I was some odd person turning up at her house and that I was genuine in my reasons for being there.

It was a great experience to go into a situation and learn something new. I have mentioned in the past that I have played safe and only written about my favourite and almost obsessive subject of chickens! This inspired me so much and in just over an hour taught me not to be afraid of new subjects, talking to new people and most of all having confidence in what I can do.


  1. Maybe you can use some of the interview and info you gained today for other articles you can pitch to other editors who will pay for your work? Well done!

    Julie xx

  2. Thanks Julie, I did wonder if I could use it somewhere else, it's all giving me experience and much needed confidence. x