Monday, 2 January 2012

Kindle all the way

I have decided to take the plunge this year and work towards getting two of my books published on Kindle.

I made the decision with my novel 'Red Kite' a few months ago after my writers retreat and hope to launch it this autumn but before that I'm going to experiment with my non fiction book about Dinosaurs. I have tried since early 2011 to get it published in a traditional manner but ran out of time. Many of the publishers liked the idea but said they already had their quota of Dinosaur related material. I decided that I couldn't just shelve it and give up after months of research and writing, so started thinking about it over Christmas.

I want to launch it in time for this years Olympic games so have a lot of work to do. The text is ready but I am going to attempt to illustrate it myself. I am no artist, I did manage to pass an O-level in art and I worked for a while as an assistant to a graphic designer but that's it. This is a massive challenge for me but feel that I have to give it a go and see if I can produce some simple line drawings to accompany the words.

On researching children's books on the Kindle shelf I found that not all of them had illustrations anyway but I would like to try and get a few done as I hope the humour will come through stronger with some pictures.

It may be crazy but it's something I have to try and the way I see it I have nothing to lose - except a little pride if it flops!


  1. You go for it! You've nothing to lose, not even pride, because at least you'll have given it a go! Good luck with both of your books!

  2. Do look at, you might find it very useful, Di whilst you explore the Kindle option. The opportunity to have constant feedback for you work is great and your receive suggestions that are helpful.

  3. Fingers crossed for you, Di!

    Julie xx

  4. This all sounds very positive for the new year Di x