Monday, 3 May 2010

Another door opens

I attended the Attingham book fair yesterday and met up with some of the most wonderful writers in Shropshire.

The fairy door above was given to me by Catherine Cooper, author of 'The Golden Acorn'. Her next book 'Glasruhen Gate' will be out very soon, and well worth a read if you are into magical,fantasy type novels.

I am sure her little pixie door will bring me more luck as it when I attended this this event

Above , Me trying to sell my books, I bought more than I sold, but that is the fun of event like this, just meeting other writers who are doing the same.

The second hand book sale was amazing too, so I had to spoil myself a little by purchasing a few items. It's an excellent and very cheap way of doing research. I found five children's books at 50 pence each, and as that's the genre I am trying to get into, I found it a real bargain to give me some material to study.

Molly and Bev above and Sue below with Fee behind on our Wrekin Writers stand. Our anthology was on sale. These were the previous years issues, but we have a new one every year and is so worth buying, we have a wonderful diversity of writing styles in the group. See the Wrekin Writers website for more details

Simon Whaley, below, fellow member of Wrekin Writers and Author of nine books! I think he was willing all the Dog lovers to walk past his stand and buy one of his books especially 'One Hundred Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human'

My Mom, Phyllis Blakemore, author of Gentlemen of the River - Last Coracle men of the Severn Gorge.

This is what it is all about. A handful of writers getting together to sell their work and talk to each other.

But as I said in the opening of this post, I had another door opened by just attending an event such as, and shows even if you do not sell any books on the day, it is still worth attending these venues.

On our way out, me and Mum asked if we could leave our marketing cards with the shop manager, as we wanted to ask if they would consider stocking our books on a permanent basis in the shop.

We had a wonderful discussion with the Manager who took our details and will be hopefully doing just that in the near future.

Well worth attending and very pleased to have yet another open door.

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