Saturday, 22 May 2010

The right place

I discovered this the other day, and thought it was a real work of art.

An uninvited wasp had decided to make a home by nesting in my bathroom!

It was an unsolicited visit to my house, without any research of what I can offer, or if I would accept it turning up. What a cheek I thought!

However, I did recognise what an amazing work of art it had produced.
Being so busy, I didn't act straight away, I took some time and just closed the doors and windows so it could not get back in, but I had already decided, it was not welcome in my house.

Eventually, I took action by removing the nest. I did not give any feedback on why it was not welcome in my bathroom, despite the talent that may be there.

We all realise, it's not easy to gain success in writing. But if you do the research, choose the right place, at the right time and make some enquiries first, you may be half way there.

Research is vital, along with determination, motivation and some hard work, it could be that you are buzzing with success. (sorry, couldn't resist that one!)

I am sure that the wasp just went away and built another nest somewhere else, despite the knock back of me rejecting the amazing work it had put in. It didn't mean it's work was not good enough, it just didn't fit in.

I shall be sending my entire novel off next week to a publisher, who said they want to read the whole thing, just hope I have found the right place, if not, just like the wasp, I will start again.


  1. I would have moved out, Di! I have a major wasp phobia! Definitely wouldn't like one on my bathroom.

    I really hope your novel breaks through this time. It's encouraging a publisher wants to see the whole thing. You've worked so hard on it and you deserve success.

    Julie xx

  2. I'm sure your novel will make itself at home in the publisher's catalogue!

    Good luck!

  3. Hi both, thanks for your good wishes.
    I know I am a long way off yet, this doesn't mean I am any closer to success but at least it's boosted my confidence that I have something worth reading.

  4. Wasps are interesting and intelligent creatures, though you wouldn't want to share your home with them. They sound like good characters for a story.