Saturday, 1 May 2010

A bit of a challenge

Here's a little challenge for you. Yesterday when I spotted this cat on my coal house roof, I thought it may be fun to try and capture images from famous fiction or film.

I was going to do 'Chicken Run' but that would be too easy, so I went with
Cat on a hot tin roof ( Tenessee Williams)


  1. Ah bless it.It looks so comfy! I love cats - not so good for the birds though - my naughty cat had a bird yesterday. He used to do it a lot until we put a big bell on his collar but I noticed yesterday it had fallen off so I'm going to have to sort that out. Me and the cat were not on speaking terms yesterday!

    It's a great picture, Di

    Julie xx

  2. Looks like The Big Sleep, to me! At least, that's what my cat is auditioning for.

    Mike xx