Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fabulous February - Week 2

I have had a really productive week. Although some of the things I have done may seem small, it's great to tick things of my 'Things to do list' and at the end of the week I now feel that I have achieved something.

Monday - I sent a sample of my novel to Neil Fein. He is a free lance editor. I heard about his free offer to read a small sample of a manuscript from Carole Anne Carr's wonderful blog which is well worth a visit. Carole has been working with Neil and is very pleased with the results.

I was thrilled, as I only sent it on Monday and received some feedback today. I have only just started being brave enough to get my work out there and read by other people. I have always felt embarrassed that it will not be good enough but have now reached the point where I want to accept every offer of help out there so that hopefully one day, it will be good enough. So far it seems to be working.

Tuesday - I was back at work but spent a lot of my lunch and break time 'People Watching' It's fascinating what you can pick up when watching other people in the form of body language or phrases that they use often. This is a great exercise for character building so watch out, next time I appear to be staring at you, I may just be plotting a character around you!

Wednesday - I pitched an article at 6.00 am before going to work and received a rejection for it by the time I got home from work. It was another good rejection though and the editor urged me to send other material in the future. I was just pleased that they were so prompt in replying so at least I could do something with it straight away.

Thursday - I pitched the very same article again to another editor. I am still waiting to hear back from this one so there is always some hope.

Friday - I went to the newsagents and browsed the racks of magazines for future markets that I may try. It's a great way to research what is popular at the moment and I didn't spend a penny.

Saturday - Enjoyed a lovely walk in the woods and wrote another 300 words of my novel. I also did loads of reading and worked on some more illustrations for my children's book.

Sunday - Well here I am blogging about my week again. Today I plan to send one of my stories out to several publishers, so will be trawling through the Artists and Writers year book for places to send it. I hope to be sending it to at least three per week until someone says YES!

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